Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Or at least we will once we stupid Yanks hook up with the Danes for research and funding.

Small excerpt from the article:

"...'It is one step further because for the first time it involves teleportation between light and matter, two different objects. One is the carrier of information and the other one is the storage medium,' Polzik explained in an interview on Wednesday..."

The very idea is so intriguing to me. This is the beginning of the end (in the way distant future) for the constantly embattled, ineptly managed (except for a few), horribly expensive airline industry. Think of the possibilities of being able to teleport from terminal to terminal instead of having to fly and wondering if you're going to end up as somebody's violent "political" statement. Once the line of sight and distance and gravitational influence problems are solved, we could teleport to anywhere (and I mean not on earth). Well, at least as long as no "reception" terminal is required. Why not send this experiment up to the International Space Station which effectively has no gravitational issues? Let them try it out to see what happens in zero-G.

To Professor Eugene Polzik and your team at Niels Bohr Institute, I say KEEP WORKING!!! Toss a few mice into whatever contraption you have built and see if they come out of it alive. If they don't live, it's no huge disaster. Make some adjustments and toss a few million more through. Start small and work your way up.

Yes, yes I know!! That's horrible to the mice, but only PETA cares about mice. To the rest of the world, they are a nuisance or a source of food for cats/dogs/panthers/wolves. I say toss many millions of mice or rats into the teleportation device until it makes them come out alive on the other side. Better yet, start with whatever version of the mosquito that carries West Nile and/or Malaria. I can't forsee a huge protest evolving out of that. In fact, contact me for some funding to pass live subjects through (provided your test subjects are not humans) . I'll give you what money I can afford as a grant to try teleporting a mosquito, mouse, rat or even a polar bear (they don't serve any logical ecological purpose that I know of except to limit the seal/walrus populations that Inuits depend on). It might only be $5, but hey, it's $5 more than you had.


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