Monday, October 09, 2006

...Atom bomb fizziles.

via Hot at the following link:

It falls in line (to me at least) like this:

Chest thumping Dear Leader orders a test detonation.

Scientists advise against due to "scientific abnormalities."

Dear Leader demands they proceed.

WOOMP!!! Massive (up to 4.2? Richter) fizzile. Sweet...we got a couple of kilotons! (instead of 10 times that amount)

They are trying, but not yet there. Think of their missiles, guys. If they can't even get a rocket to launch and hit the intended target (the Sea of Japan only counts if you live in the DPRK and buy into that sea as the intended target for a "medium range" or "long range" missile) and can't get Richter to tremble beyond 4.2, they are far from delivering a really effective warhead to anywhere. Via missiles or bombers.

Worst scenario I see based on the "unification" rhetoric is that the dumbass drops a small nuke on the DMZ. This will, of course, cause mass American causualties which will have us screaming (and mobilizing) for DPRK blood, but will also render at least a sizable portion of the DMZ useless to them as a battle frontier/transit area. Does anyone REALLY believe that they have the ability to mount a first strike and then actually fight in the same area? Well, Dear Leader might be that stupid.

Additionally, if it happens, I forsee the RoK as a whole nation giving up the "Yankee, go home!" attitude. They'll be begging and crying for us to reinforce/replace lost troops.

If Dear Leader really loses all his marbles and starts Korea II with a nuke, he better find himself a very deep bunker beforehand. The wrath of the world will come down on him with military action from at least the RoK, the US, Britain, (and some other NATO allies, though I'm not counting on many), Australia, New Zealand, the Phillipines, Japan, and perhaps even Russia and China. Oh yeah, all of our ships may even get refueled in Taiwan (perhaps even China's if they mobilize with us and the Taiwanese ports are simply more efficient). Hell, Taiwan may even launch air strikes. With tanker support, they can get there.

Nukes? Maybe (perhaps a series of 20 KT [hint: that's a small one for us] bombs dropped out of a B-2 or delivered with a cruise missile could convince them that we can do anything they can [ but 10 times better/faster] and instigate a total revolt). Overwhelming conventional force, definitely from the north or south or internal or all three. Perhaps even a limited draft of combat-age folks here in the US, though I suspect that wouldn't be necessary due to floods of volunteers. The DPRK will cease to exist, although (ironically) the RoK may acede to international wishes and absorb the defunct DPRK (with international compensation). Thus, the "unification" will have been achieved. Just not how Dear Leader envisions it.

If my above scenario happens, consider the DPRK completely gone within 3 or 4 years. 3-4 years? Not because of lack of willing participants, but because of lack of materials. The Feds would have to contract someone (GM, Ford, or maybe even Toyota and Hundai) to shift to war production. We might even see M1 Abrams tanks with a "Made in Taiwan" sticker on them. :P We've forever been a nation slow to anger, thus slow to mobilize/produce for war. But if this dumb bastard decides to kick off Korea II with a nuke, you'll see that mobiliation take place with or without Congressional consent/appropriation.

To: United States Congress

From: Dumbshit_Warmongering_American_Company #'s 1-10000

Subject: War Effort

Due to the tragic loss of so many of our servicemen and women due to the actions of a truly insane and idiotic leader, how may I present my company's abilities in the field of (XXXX) to support our war effort? Failure to respond within 20 days will result in my immediate arrival in person so you, the Congress of the United States, remain on the hook and can explain to the taxpayers and me why my offer was not accepted.

Yours sincerely,

Dumbshit_Warmongering_American_Company #'s 1-10000

I'm willing to bet letters of the like would come in long before Congress voted in any additional appropriations. Anyone want to bet against me?

Why the hell does it take a crisis of momentous proportions to mobilize this country in the fight for what is right? 9/11 did that for a short time. But the American psyche has forgotten the images of people hurtling to their deaths on the pavement instead of being incinerated. Our fight is not just against militant Muslims, people. It's also against everyone who wishes us harm. We must fight and crush our enemies so they ultimately leave us alone. We knew this during every war we fought in up to Vietnam. Look what "limited objectives" did then and then think about the consequences of the same type of action when (not if...when) we are provoked again. Yes, we fight for truth, justice and the American way, but for fuck's sake, aren't AMERICAN ideals the bedrock of the UN (whatever) document on human rights?

I want to develop a machine that generates electricity from the suction power of heads being pulled from asses. I'd only get rich in a time of extreme strife, but that's what the whole world is embroiled in right now, whether it be armed conflict or rhetorical. My first target for liscencing would be Denmark. At least some of their citizens have reversed the rectal/cranial inversion process.

Meh...all my posts seem to be turning into political diatribes.


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