Monday, October 23, 2006


I feel dumber after hearing only two repsonses from Ned Lamont in the televised debate. And Schleisinger is touting habeas corpus for terrorists. That's bullshit. It applies to people accused of crimes within the borders of "the several states." It most certainly does not apply to people who take up arms against American soldiers on foreign battlefields. Hell, it wouldn't even legally apply if they took up arms against the CT National Guard within our borders! Taking up arms against the US does not fall into the realm of the courts. Ever. Period. It never has and never will unless the military turns the perpetrators they capture over to civil authorities for charges of treason. It is solely in the authority of the military to decide.

Here's an example: a group people decide to gather together and attack the Air National Guard helicopter repair facility at the Groton airport. The Guardsmen hit the armory (if they have one) and kick the crap out of the attackers, killing some and capturing most. Now, the theory is that those captured should be turned over to the cops. Not so fast. They attacked a military installation. Those Guardsmen would be under no legal obligation to instantly turn them over to civilian authorities. In fact, per the Geneva Convention, they could summarily execute as spies every last one of those captured if they so desired. Most of the time, the middle ground is chosen. Detention by the military.

Habeas corpus? No way. Geneva Convention rights as PoWs? No, because they were not lawful combatants in the struggle. The Geneva Convention only recognizes uniformed combatants fighting for a recognized nation. Terrorists do not fight for any nation; nor do they wear any uniform unless you count a dishtowel on the head as a uniform. A possible exception could have existed for the Taliban if they had adopted a uniform and had not been so controlled by al qaeda. Since none of that equalled reality, they are not entitled to Geneva Convention rights except the right to summary execution. No uniform, you're a spy. Habeas corpus has never ever applied to anyone taken into custody via the efforts of the military. If the military is needed to bring someone to justice, we are involved in a war. 'Nuff said.

Back to the debate:

Nice...Lamont supporters wouldn't even let Lieberman talk during one answer and during his final statement (they were singing some unintelligible song). Maybe they should have rushed the Stage (ala Columbia University) to really make their point. Points to Lamont for condemning their actions during Lieberman's response time and final statement time, but I still feel more stupid after listening to his drivel. Ned Lamont, you're not getting my vote. Why? Because of your actions in this crucial Senate race and the feeling I get that you are an appeasement scumbag like those who follow you.

I realize that I rambled in this post, but I don't care. It's my blog, and nobody reads it anyway.


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